Privacy Policy

Our company guarantee you 100% safety system. All the information that we receive from you will be kept in our company and be known only to you and us. All our employees sign the confidentiality agreement. So nobody from our team will share your information with other people. There is no need to do this for our workers; despite they will simply lose their job. We check all the process of accessing our customers information. Any invention will be detected and prevented automatically.

Please check our privacy policy page time to time, as some item changes can be made.

You should know that possible fraudsters can ask your personal data on behalf of our company. Please, read attentively all the information stated below of this paragraph. We tried to underline what kind of data might be collected from you, how it might be used, how we consider cookies, and other information about your links to other sites and our methods of controlling your personal sharing.


  • What is your name and occupation;
  • What is your post address, post code, telephone number, e-mail address;
  • What are your hobbies and interests.


  • We make a list of merit ratings received from our customer;
  • We need your feedback to improve our services or reshape our web site interface;
  • We send promotional offers to your email address. The offers can be of the following character: new services updates, possible rebates, advertising actions etc.
  • We need our customers phone number, fax number, e-mail address or air mail for a short survey, carried out by our customer service department periodically.


  • We load the latest advanced data protection software;
  • Highly skilled specialists provide you with our services;
  • We always try to improve our data procession experiences and software.


If you are an active internet user, you might come across a massage that warned you about disabling cookies. So then, it is natural to think that these cookies can spoil your operational system or your privacy.

We inform you that web sites use cookies to improve their services, to provide their customers with the best solutions.

Web sites accumulate all the information about you in cookies. Cookies are kept on your computer and contain your data (your preferable pages, your browser setting etc.).

It is highly recommended you to create cookies from our site. It will help us to provide you with better service, and you will be able to get your desirable web interface, updated by our service.

If you don't need our improvement services, change your browser settings, please. Be aware that many browsers are adjusted to receive cookies automatically. But, please, don't forget that you won't enjoy all our service advantages, if your cookies are disabled.


Controlling of other web sites privacy and security policies is absolutely impossible for us. However, if you are interested in this or that site, we can provide you with the links exchanging.

So, be aware while giving your personal information to other web sites. We recommend you to read their Privacy Policy statements thoroughly.


  • When you fill in any data collection form, placed on our site, please check that using your personal information for promotional and marketing actions is disapproved by you. Just click on the proper icon.
  • If you decided to refuse our web services, just inform us on your decision by contacting with us. We will delete all your personal data, which has been sent by you previously.

According to our privacy policy, disclosing, selling or leasing of your personal data to any third parties is ruled out. There are only two cases when we may share your personal information: when it is asked personally by you or government bodies.

When your personal data is authorized at us, you may receive the information about the third parties services and products. The information will be depicted for you according to your interests.

Please don't forget to send us a notification about changes to your contact details or any other personal data. Kindly do it as soon as possible, so we edit our registered data about you and keep providing you with highly quality service.

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